Private Internet Access VPN

There are many VPN services on the market and all of them promise extensive security & online anonymity capabilities. Few VPN brands actually deliver on the type of services they advertise.

But there are reputable VPN companies namely Private Internet Access that offer you full access to high-quality software to keep your online activity confidential. To find out more about what Private Internet Access VPN can do for you keep reading our review.


Private Internet Access Overview

Private Internet Access VPN also known as PIA is a leading service provider for those who want to keep their online activity classified. They offer high-end encryption tunnels that are capable of providing various levels of protection so your IP address is always concealed.

The Private Internet Access VPN developers boast that it’s the only proven no-log service that protects your online identity. PIA VPN guarantees that your information will always be kept safe from third parties.

Product Review

Security and Privacy Features

DNS Server

A DNS (domain name system) is what connects you to different parts of the internet. When you search for a DNS namely the internet will automatically navigate your connection to that specific site. But every DNS server you visit will be linked to your IP address.

One of the main concerns people have with lower grade VPN software is that their identifiable information might get leaked through using a DNS server. After testing Private Internet Access VPN, I found that none of my online information was leaked even when connecting to various DNS servers.

Encryption Type

Encryption keys are codes integrated into a VPN system to cipher your data. Basically, it turns any readable information into a set of codes or gibberish. Private Internet Access VPN uses AES-128, AES-256, CBC and GCM to encrypt your online information so it can’t be viewed by outsiders.

Kill Switch Feature

A kill switch is a feature that most top VPN service providers offer. It’s fundamentally an extra layer of protection so that your real IP address never gets leaked when you’re browsing the Internet. A kill switch automatically ends your internet connection if your VPN stops working for some reason.

Private Internet Access is one of those top VPN service providers that has a kill switch feature. So if your VPN connection drops your online information will still be hidden.

Private Internet Access VPN Login Policy

Some VPN service providers will log all your information which could be shared with third-party organizations. Private Internet Access VPN clearly states on its website that it has a no-log policy. This means none of your online information will be stored on its servers.

Private Internet Access VPN Authority

A VPN’s physical location and the jurisdiction the service provider operates under are extremely important. Private Internet Access VPN is an American based company under the USA jurisdiction.

America doesn’t have any data retention laws but Private Internet Access is required to adhere to court summons from the American government. Since Private Internet Access has a no-log policy there will be no information to share with any third-party organizations.

Private Internet Access VPN has never given away its users information since its inception.

What is its VPN Protocol?

VPN protocols are used to create encrypted tunnels so you’re always browsing the internet with a disguised IP address. The most secure protocol is OpenVPN because it decreases internet lag and it’s secure. Private Internet Access VPN uses OpenVPN as well as L2TP/IPSec protocols.

Private Internet Access VPN Features

VPN Speed

VPNs affect your internet speed so it’s important to select software that has minimal connection drops. I did a test on the Private Internet Access VPN and it’s among the top service providers with excellent connection speed.

It should be noted that speed will vary depending on the servers you connect to. The download and upload speed will be faster if you connect to a server that’s closer to you.


Private Internet Access VPN is compatible with the following devices and software:

  • Android
  • Linux
  • macOS
  • iOS
  • Windows
  • Chrome extension
  • Firefox extension

How Many Devices Can This VPN Connect To?

You can connect up to 10 devices on Private Internet Access VPN simultaneously.

Streaming and Torrent Features

Private Internet Access VPN supports all streaming services and torrents. It has bypassing capabilities that can unblock geo-restricted streaming sites. Netflix is a popular streaming site that’s blocked in many countries and it’s incredibly strict at keeping VPN users out.

When I tested Private Internet Access VPN I had no problems connecting to Netflix. You’re also able to access other streaming sites such as showmax, Hulu, YouTube, Deezer and Spotify. This VPN also supports BitTorrent and allows P2P file sharing. 

Pricing Conditions

For a VPN that offers so many features, Private Internet Access sure does have cheap subscription fees. Here’s what the VPN service provider can offer you:

  • $9.95 a month for all access to PIA VPN features
  • A yearly subscription of $39.95
  • Six-month subscription for $35.95


  • Fast connection speed
  • High-quality encryptions and protocols
  • Easy to use interface
  • Extensive customer privacy


  • They don’t offer a free trial

Final Thoughts

For the small fee you pay every month, I’d say that Private Internet Access VPN is the most reliable and speedy software you can get. The interface is easy to browse through and you can customize your privacy settings.

Private Internet Access VPN performs regular updates so that the software is always on par with newly developed internet technologies. It has robust features that allow you to stream from your favorite sites and download anything with high connection speeds.

Opting for Private Internet Access VPN is worth it to keep your web browsing activities concealed and secure.